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DIDOK Stops compared to OSM stops

last update: 25.07.2024 13:35 UTC
Map data by OpenStreetMap and Contributors (Tiles CC-by-SA, Data ODbL), DIDOK-stops from BAV
This Page serves the comparison of public transport stops in OSM and DIDOK, and the improvement of OSM data. More Information can be found in the OSM Wiki.

Relation of OSM data to DIDOK

The color of the dots shows the relationship of DIDOK and OSM-stops:
DIDOK-stop for which a matching OSM stop exists
DIDOK-stop without a counterpart in OSM
DIDOK-stop which was marked as inexistent (e.g. stops that do not exist anymore or stops that are not yet buildt)
OSM-stop without a corresponding DIDOK entry
OSM-stop with a corresponding DIDOK-stop. The line shows the correspondance

If the overlay "survey state of nodes" is enabled, rings around the OSM stops show the survey status

Stops that were not resurveyed yet
Stops that existed before the import, but were not resurveyed since
Stops which were altered after since the import (and hopefully checked)


If too many stops are on the map, they will be replaced by a placeholder:

There are stops in this area. Please zoom in to see them.


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